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Upper Face

Line softening injections for the upper face

Our upper face is a very expressive area, creating fine lines and wrinkles that prematurely age us. Forehead creases, frown lines, a drooping brow, and crow’s feet develop as we age, but these unwanted wrinkles can be smoothed with line softening injections with Aesthetic U.

Benefits of line softening injections with Aesthetic U

  • Smooth fine lines on the forehead, soften frown lines and crow’s feet, and lift the brows
  • Your treatment is carried out by a qualified medical professional
  • Bespoke treatment tailored to your needs for subtle facial rejuvenation
  • Your initial line softening injections consultation is free
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What are line softening injections?
Line softening injections use a regulated medical toxin to relax overly expressive facial muscles. They lessen the targeted muscles’ ability to contract, subtly smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We use this treatment to soften frown lines between the eyebrows, lessen forehead lines, smooth crow’s feet, and lift drooping eyebrows.

Are line softening injections safe?
This treatment is extremely safe. It is an FDA approved method of treating fine lines and wrinkles in the face, and it is practiced around the world. The team at Aesthetic U are experienced medical professionals with extensive experience in aesthetics, so you will always receive the highest quality care.

How long will my results last?
Results tend to vary between clients. We can typically expect your results to last for up to 6 months, but studies have shown that repeat appointments after 4 months can lengthen the time between treatments. Your results may take up to 14 days to develop and reach their full effect.

What does this treatment feel like?
Discomfort is usually very minor during your treatment. You may feel a sharp scratch at the injection points, but it should not feel painful. Immediately after treatment you may notice raised bumps at the site of injection, but these should resolve within minutes. A slight throbbing isn’t uncommon either, but this too is perfectly normal. Aftercare advice will be provided at your consultation, and you are of course encouraged to speak to us if you are unsure about your post-treatment results.


  • Very happy with my treatment. I felt very comfortable and will definitely be going back for more.


  • Love this place. I have been treated by Sandra now for four sessions and love this lady. Will recommend 150% to friends and family. 5star establishment


  • Would 100% recommend to anyone thinking about having their lips done. Had mine done a few times before but want happy with the results. Came to Here and she was like my fairy godmother and made all my problems go away! She’s so gifted in what she does. Wouldn’t even think about trying anywhere else.


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