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PRP / Vampire Facial

Harness your skin’s
healing powers

Achieve natural skin rejuvenation with the healing powers locked inside your own blood. A small blood sample is taken from you and spun in a centrifuge to extract platelet-rich plasma. Porous columns are opened in the skin using dermaroller and the plasma in then applied to the treatment area. These columns allow the plasma to be absorbed to the deeper layers of the skin, which will improve in quality, texture, and tone over the coming weeks. The vampire facial, or PRP, is the ultimate advanced and natural skincare treatment for ageing, dull, and tired skin.

The benefits of the vampire facial with Aesthetic U

  • Facial rejuvenation using your skin’s natural processes and your own blood
  • Improve the appearance of ageing, dull, and tired skin
  • Achieve a fresh-faced glow, smoother skin texture, and an even complexion
  • Results develop over time for a subtle treatment journey
Aesthetic U | West Brom


Who is suitable for the vampire facial?
Those seeking refreshment and rejuvenation for ageing, tired, or dull skin will reap the benefits of the vampire facial. This treatment is ideal for those who don’t wish to augment their appearance via dermal fillers and injectables but would still like to subtly better their skin’s appearance and add a glow to their complexion.

How does the vampire facial work?
The vampire facial, or PRP therapy, uses platelet-rich plasma from your own blood. The blood’s platelet-rich plasma contains growth factors that are used for healing wounds, creating fresh collagen, and encouraging the production of new skin cells. When placed within the skin during this treatment, it successfully rejuvenates from the inside-out.

Why use dermaroller for this treatment?
Dermaroller is a form of microneedling, a treatment that pierces the skin with tiny needles. This treatment has benefits of its own, but when combined with the vampire facial it creates needle columns in the skin that absorb the platelet-rich plasma. Dermaroller allows these beneficial growth factors to reach deeper into the skin than topical treatments do and also stimulates its own collagen production.

Does this treatment hurt?
The only sensations associated with this treatment are the small scratch of your blood sample being drawn and the tingling sensation of dermaroller microneedling. There shouldn’t be any pain, and a topical numbing cream can be applied should you desire it.


  • Very happy with my treatment. I felt very comfortable and will definitely be going back for more.


  • Love this place. I have been treated by Sandra now for four sessions and love this lady. Will recommend 150% to friends and family. 5star establishment


  • Would 100% recommend to anyone thinking about having their lips done. Had mine done a few times before but want happy with the results. Came to Here and she was like my fairy godmother and made all my problems go away! She’s so gifted in what she does. Wouldn’t even think about trying anywhere else.


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